HIP Symposium (Historically Informed Performance)

Rob Nairn is helping us put together a stellar program for the Early Music Summit.

Ranlet Room Schedule:
11:00 Tracy Rowell & Heather Miller Lardin: Bach Gambas Sonatas three ways – viol and modern double bass
12:00   TBA
1:00  Korneel Le Compte: Live broadcast concert from Brussels Opera House (Note room change: Ciminelli room)

10:00  Doug Baillet: lecture recital on Dragonetti and 3 stringed bass
11:00   Fausto Borem: presentation on C19th South American treatise
12:00 Volker Nahrmann, Jim Lambert, Dean Ferrell: Prescott Family Reunion
1:00  Phillip Serna:  Making your Baroque Solos More H.I.P.

10:00 Heather Miller Lardin: Corrette and performance practice
11:00 Xose Crisanto Gandara: Present History of the Double Bass in Spain
12:00 Jessica Powell-Eig: The Cuckoo’s Egg …or Just Plain Cuckoo? Transcriptions of Early Music for Double Basses